You Can Always Improve with the Next One, Not That You Need To

When you have a new team member, the first thing is to ensure they understand what is expected of them.   And that is that the client is always right. They do not change anything that is asked of them. If a keyword is given in a certain way, then that is how it is to be written, and absolutely no exceptions.

Failure in First Attempt is Just Normal: Do not beat yourself up too much. Take a deep breath and slowly go back through it, correcting whatever you see is obviously wrong. Correct that, then take a quick break, a drink and look at it again. Keep the work in mind,  read it aloud and see how it sounds to your ears. They are better than your eyes at times. When it looks right and sounds right, then perhaps it is right. Read it once more, then send it.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day:  Writing is not done in a day either. Some famous people who write  will tell you they have been writing for many years and still are learning. As long as you are learning and practising with every bit of writing you do, then you are improving. Writing is not something you can be good at immediately. Any talent needs refining and practice. No one runs a race without some training. Even if they are brilliant, they need to learn how to pace them and breathe properly, so it is for writing.

Use Your Common Sense When Writing SEO Articles: Common sense is perhaps the only sense which is not common. No matter how many times you think a keyword should be used in an article, if the client says three times, then that is what you write it into the article. Not five, seven or one hundred. This is called stuffing and even SEO does not require that. There will be the odd client who does want that, but they will ask. Stuffing is a common cause of a perfectly good article looking untidy and forced and search engines may slap it.

Update Yourself with the Latest Google Algorithm & SEO Tips: Forget it. I have no idea. If you have just said these words, you are sure to be kicked out of the team or by the client himself. SEO articles need to be according to the client’s demand and you should be able to produce quality work that Google or any search engine should not dump. This involves the right usage of words, grammar, style, sentence structure and of course, titles. SEO articles are written with a purpose to bring the site of your client to the top. Vague and ambiguous titles, poor grammar and structure of sentence, wrong placement of keywords and high density are all those ingredients that makes the user leave that page and go on to the next. Your objective as a writer should be to keep the user stick on the page for at least 25 – 30 seconds. This is the time the search engine needs to qualify your client’s site to be in the top rank.

Spark the Interest of Visitors: Write in unique and interest-building manner. Your titles and first paragraph should be enough to catch the user’s attention. It has been proven in studies that online users have a short span of attention. So, in order to hold them at your page you  have to be real tricky and smart at times. Remember, a good write up can make or break the business of your client. And to be in the market of freelancer of industry you have no choice but to come up with a unique way to grab the attention of your audience.

Work on the tips mentioned above and you will find your way to success and growth easily.


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