101 Ways to Kill Your Annoying Boss


It is limiting when you can’t get your hands on him or her. But short of that, do you really want to waste time and energy that could be used far more constructively? Wouldn’t you be better examining why he continues to tear shreds off you and bin your greatest achievements? Unless he or she is naturally vindictive, which most aren’t, they are too busy to even have the energy, there has to be a reason. And sadly, it probably rests with you.


Right, you have written what you think is perfect. You are exhausted. You’ve re-read your work, corrected a few spelling mistakes, so he or she can have it. But your writing is like people. Nothing is perfect. Your boss isn’t either, but he or she pays you, and therefore they do have a right to expect good work for their money.

One has to be honest with his or her work. This is work and it has certain requirements.. Compensation of hard work is only by Divine/GOD. No human can pay for your hard work or talent. But then this is another debatable issue which type of hard work is rewarded and which is only for worldly fulfilment of desires.


Dream about choking the life out of your boss by all means. Just, for your sake, don’t try to put it into practice. You may get badly damaged. However, if you really want to kill him or her, continue to send work that obviously hasn’t been checked, proofread or anything else. His or her blood pressure will blow and you will have a dead boss and no income.


Take this scenario. You are sitting back with a Kindle book, enjoying the way it reads, the characters, everything. Then one sentence hits you right in the face. A word is used wrongly, the tense is wrong, just something. It has the effect of a glass of cold water thrown on you. Well, take your writing from your boss’s point of view. This is how bad writing, when they expect good from you, usually ends up feeling to them, along with disappointment. This is usually followed by anger and your work goes into the bin or the graveyard, closely followed by a furious explosion from your boss either on the phone or by email.


A multitude of thoughts also run through their heads. Where am  I going to get that article from in three minutes when the client wants it? I’ve done this so many times with this writer; is it really worth dragging them back to the graveyard? Can’t they just SEE? Lose-lose situation for both of you. Having been in the situation on both sides, it is not pleasant.


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