When Does Your Boss Send Your Article To Article’s Graveyard – RIP


Why does it always have to be my work thrown right into the trash can? Oh God! another one and there it goes to the Article’s Graveyard.

My Boss should only find mistakes that I have genuinely mistook for good writing. If I have used incorrect spelling, loose structure, bad grammar, wrong words and no flow, in other words, not proofread aloud, then it deserves to be there. Nothing will make him or her more annoyed than these basic mistakes.

How to improve Grammar & Spelling?

There is an old saying that “Where there is a will there’s a way.” If you are planning to become a savvy article writer, you will have to work on your grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. Being a non native Desi writer, this was the first hurdle I had to face when I started my career as freelance writer. I was disappointed in the beginning knowing not a single thing to do to upgrade my English language. One day, I had a brilliant idea and I started working on it.

I had thought hard on this issue I was facing. I needed an English Language teacher badly. I started exploring different sites, forums and went on reading blog after blog. I knew I would  have to work hard to overcome this obstacle in my way to success. After a few days struggle I was able to identify errors in my write ups.


Practice Makes a Man Perfect?

It’s an old proverb. I had to believe what was totally wrong. I knew that nothing does that but I think I had no choice then. I had learned grammar, improved my spelling and found out I never had that spell checker on. Half of my work was done by Ms Office. Thanks for that. Next step was to build vocabulary and work on improving the sentence structure.

My native language is Urdu and though we are taught to speak in English from day 1 at school still, there is lack of understanding the foreign language in full terms. I found out what the mistake was and where I went wrong. It was not that I did not know how to write or speak in English but it was not right to first translate it in my mind and then speak or write on paper. This malpractice never let me be successful in writing good write ups in this foreign Language.

English is the hardest language to learn. There are more subtle twists to it than anyone could imagine, and furthermore it is made up of a mixture of languages. English has French, Greek, German, Celtic and Latin as a base.


When in Rome, You Do As the Romans Do

This is very true. My basic mistake was to not to think like an Englishman. I started observing the sentence structure. I realised that sentence structure in my native tongue was totally different. Like If I have to ask a person to bring a glass of water for me I would use the pronoun first  and then ask the person to bring water. Let me translate this phrase from Urdu to English “For me, bring a glass of water.” This was the time when I started to stop doing the translation of English into Urdu and then Urdu into English in my mind. In short, you have to train your mind to write in English Language.



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