Listen to the Inner Critic –

Yes. I’ve really had enough of it.  It is good. Does it really matter? No, that is good.  Not everyone is brilliant. Not really a good dialogue, but is one that is often had between a writer and themselvesImage, before the article is sent. There could be a million reasons for this conversation. Exhaustion, irritation, kids playing up, the dog is sick, my husband/wife doesn’t love me any more……The list is endless.

So you often end not taking any notice of: It may upset him/her, I think. How often does this tiny voice get ignored? Very often actually, and then your list of woes grows, unfortunately through not paying attention to your inner critic. In any type of writing and other work, this little critic is king, but does not get the respect it deserves. This does not mean obsessive polishing, rewording, rewriting, but it does have great value with your work, no matter in what area.


Even if you pay that voice quick lip-service, it will surely gain you some relief from your articles being dumped straight in the bin and your ears/eyes being assaulted. You will gain valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses and more self-esteem. You will also have a better chance of getting better work with more pay.



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