So You Have No Need To Be Organised And Tidy

ImageYou are on the right track to fail at writing according to you. Your team leader spends all his or her time hollering at you via the phone or email, you can’t think what to write, and everything is building up around you. Not a good scene at all. And some idiot wants you to organize yourself.

So you decide that there is no way you need to be organized when all this is going on. After all, what good really is it going to do for you? You don’t want your office or kitchen table a place where you can find everything with just a glance, even if the other members of the household would like a corner to eat on. Two hundred post-it notes stuck all over the fridge are not going to endear you to anyone either.

Find a good reason not to organize yourself. I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to. After all, living in clutter especially on your work space works for you, so who cares that you can’t find that note with an assignment on it right now? Or that your leader has specifically asked you to do that writing urgently and you can’t find it either? You simply don’t need it.

ImageIt may surprise you to learn that some people lose hours of the day simply searching for a post-it note that they were sure they put in one place. Even using the diary on the computer doesn’t really save you time, you think, because you have to look whatever up and that takes time to do. But mixing an important assignment that you have scribbled on a piece of yellow paper in with reminders to collect bread or dog food isn’t saving time either.

Take a good look at your work-space. Is it like what is described above? Find a rubbish bin and throw all the notes that are over two days old into it. Haven’t scribbled the date? Still throw them out if you have laid eyes on them three or four times. Send your long-suffering team leader a message and ask them to kindly let you know as soon as possible what you are supposed to be doing. When you get that email back, don’t stick it on a post-it. With any luck, you know how to copy and paste, or take a crash-course in it, because it may save your life one day. Simply do that and place the copy somewhere it is easy to find on the computer. The calendar is a good place and it will remind you what you need to do. Then clear all the clutter, empty cups, whatever off your work-space. If nothing else you may be able to have a clear view of the monitor and the keyboard now. If you have notebooks, drop them on the floor down near your feet if they haven’t got a home, or put them away. Also clear away anything that will distract you, although if you like music, have it playing quietly elsewhere, not right in your ear.

Clutter does no one any good, and breeds very well indeed. It is also useless if you are trying to make a living from home. You wouldn’t keep your work-space at a physical job a mess, so why do it at home even if you do work better with it around? This is a real job, even if it is done from your home and should be treated accordingly. Who knows, it may even make you feel better to sit at a tidy space.


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