Accept Contradictions and Correct Yourself to Become the Best

ImageAre you down with all those red marks on your write up and you feeling uncomfortable with the rejection of your article? Many writers feel bad when they find they are rejected or dumped for being poor quality. Most of the times a client rejects the work of a writer is when it is full of grammatical errors, the material not researched well and the content having too much repetition of phrases and ideas.

For some writers handling criticism is a big thing and they do not know how to deal with it without losing their mental balance and being uncomfortable. Constructive criticism is actually the best thing can happen to a writer and it surely helps him or her to improve their writing, grammar, style and give more time for research.

Become Your Own Biggest Critic


Rejection is the word that nobody wants to hear or experience. It sounds so harsh to the ear and it definitely makes the writer halt and then makes him think hard over what went wrong, or conversely, decide the client is too demanding and thus keep on making the same mistakes. If you are going on the path to becoming a freelance writer, you should be prepared to face a lot of rejection of your work in the beginning. It is part of the deal. Embrace rejection and accept your flaws. The only way you can make every “NO” a “YES” is take it onboard and learn the valuable lessons given to you.

It is yet another learning step and it will help you closer to your dreams become reality in the near future. Accepting your flaws and embracing rejections will help you become stronger and show the world how determined you are to fulfill your desire and dreams. Remember, this is not a criticism of YOU.

Deal with every rejection gracefully and keep going. There is no other way to do that but just learn from the mistakes and do not repeat them in future at all.

Pay No Attention to Contradictions – Follow Your Own Feelings

ImageWhat about those haters and all those negative comments you may get on your article or blog post. Is it unpleasant? It is, indeed. There is no writer, seasoned or old, who can claim he/she has never had to face any rejection and or a hate comment. Many writers take negative comments as compliments. Your writing can spark the emotions of your readers and this is a kind of stepping on the stone of success for many writers. So, if you are not getting any comments, there is a lot you should worry about, but if there are negative remarks sprinkled through comments about your writing or idea that means you are getting  attention and you are going to rock.

So, here is a recap of what we just discussed. Be strong and show sportsmanship when you receive your paper all stuffed with red marks, be serene enough to accept your flaws and do not feel low on getting a hater comment. Reaching success is not that easy but with determination, an urge to do the best and by being prepared to get the worst, you can reach as high as you want, and the sky is not the limit.


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