Do Not Let Your Fear Make You Static – Listen To Yourself

criticism3Everybody who wants to adopt writing as their career gets up in the morning and while drinking their tea or coffee, says to him or herself “I think I can be a great writer and one day I am going to be a best seller author.” If you are reading this article then it must have not surprised you. Many people want to become top selling novelist or author of a bestseller book but it not as easily done as said. No doubt, publishing books have become multimillion-dollar industry but it takes a lot to set foot in this field.

When anyone starts out in this field, they have to learn and change a few things about them. They have to make sure that the very things they had been avoiding and what made them uncomfortable and scared; they have to take it as a part of deal and a staircase to reach the high places. They have to learn to not to avoid because it will get them nowhere. If anyone wants to succeed in the field of freelance writing, they have to face their fears and open their arms to embrace criticism, edits, deductions, rejections, haters and impolite comments.

The Only Thing You Have To Fear Is Your Own Fear


These were some of the fears of many successful writers when they were trying to make their place in the industry of freelance writing and publications. These apprehensions and fears got them nowhere and they had to go back to point zero and start all over again.

Freelance writing requires learning all the tips and techniques that will help you survive in the industry.  You cannot look for shortcuts and have to learn all the techniques and tools there are there to improve your writing, style and expression. Get yourself a copy of Grammarly or any other grammar checking software to check your work to find where you can make any improvement. Proofread your work before submitting to your client.

If You Wish To Avoid Criticism, Don’t Say Anything and Do Nothing


Do not feel scared of constructive criticism, and edits are not bad things at all. Do not mind those scorching red marks that may not look pretty on your article: they are there to make you a better writer. Look at the bright side. The red marks will help improve your writing style. You will be more focused and attentive to the details you pretty much ignored earlier.



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