Single moment suspended in time made me strong

ImageI was standing outside a garage this morning smoking a cigarette. That’s when I noticed two women clad in large shawls outside a shop on the opposite side of the road. They both appeared to be mother and daughter. I could see from their body language that they looked distressed and in grave trouble. They stood gazing inside the shop uncertainly. Finally, the mother decided to approach the man sitting behind the counter. At this point, I saw the man gesture toward the daughter to come forward. From the way that abominable man was sneering at the young woman, I suddenly realized the gravity of the situation as all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

I stood routed on the ground as I saw the daughter hide instinctively behind her mother. Her large eyes conveyed fear and mistrust. The two women were obviously in need of help and from what I could gather; the mother wanted to approach the shopkeeper for this purpose. However, the man had other vile intentions. I could only imagine what kind of trouble must have forced these women to knock on such heinous venues. The girl’s face betrayed her feelings of conflict, fear and distress. She was trying to disappear from the man’s leering gaze as she took a reluctant step towards the man. Her raw desperation was what mobilized me.

ImageI dug out the last bill of money I was carrying from my pocket and called for the kid who worked at the garage. As he approached, I had folded and refolded the bill into a tiny square. I asked the boy to run across the street and hand this bill to the women who stood there. I told him to not say anything and just run back here. I then moved out of sight and watched as the boy tucked the bill in the mother’s fist and ran back to disappear into the garage. The mother glanced down in her palm and I saw her visibly relax and murmur. She took hold of her daughter’s wrist. The advancing steps of that girl halted and both women turned away from the shopkeeper and walked away.

I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Allah for saving them both. The women were saved By Allah ji’s sovereign grace for He did not abandon them in the dire circumstances. The women didn’t have to ask someone’s favor nor did anyone take any advantage of them. Had they crossed the threshold of that shop in this hard time, they’d have chosen a path from which they could never have turned back but Allah ji protected them. Their faith was what saved them in the end. I was merely a vessel.

ImageI thought of the many hardships that force humans to go down these roads. I see girls being picked up from the side of the road and driven away in cars. I have witnessed respectable women being escorted into the dark of the night with strange men who think of them as their property to do as they please in return for a few rupee. No one cares enough to stop them. I see the depths of depravity to which our so called Muslim society has declined.

Those of you who work here, you are far better than so many women out in the world. Allah ji has kept you hidden from sight. He protects you, keeps you safe. You never have to bear the insolent eyes on your person. Allah ji has been most merciful and gracious to you. He has been your Savior all this time. Not because you hold any special pedestal of virtue nor He showers His blessings because you have been bestowed with some other, worldly beauties. What is it about you girls that have made you deserving of His kindness whereas so many other women are left to fend for themselves in this merciless and ruthless world? Yet, you are Ungrateful. You complain, you cry, you fear the unknown. You should have seen those two women. You have no idea of the magnitude of the trouble they were facing yet Allah ji came to their aid.

Image“Allah ji ko jis nay pakra Allah ji nay us ko thaam lia charon taraf se rehmatein ghairay mein lay laity hain bachati hain per shart itni hai tum Allah ji ko pakro aur Allah ki rassi ko mazbooti se thaam lo tafarqay mein na paro tafarqa yehi hai rooh aur nafs ka jhagra – shaitan ya Rahman”

Surrender yourself to the will of Allah and all your worries shall be taken care of and you shall be guided. Always look to those who suffer more than you do. Don’t indulge in self-pity as it is the most grievous of sins.


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