Man cannot help unless God selects someone for your help


Jacob: Hello, Shah Ji! Are you there?

Shah Ji: Yes

Jacob: I asked for a little loan. Can you manage it?

Shah Ji: Yes, you did Jacob. I am afraid I cannot manage it.

Jacob: Do you have some money? I want to remind you of your promise

Shah Ji: Yes

Jacob: Is there any chance you can help me? Please.

Shah Ji: No Jacob, I can’t help you and no man can help anyone except God

Jacob: I do not get this. I am asking you to help me in the name of God

Shah Ji: Yes, Jacob. I cannot help you but God can and if I am the medium, I can send you the payment in advance.

Jacob: May God bless you and all of us. You may proceed. Give me the loan if, my share is with you.

Shah Ji: It’s been three days, yet you did not learn. Why are you so slow?

Jacob: I was not able to grasp the concept earlier. I was trying to figure out the meaning and depth of what of you said to me. I think you are right. Man cannot help unless God wants to help, He can select someone to help him

Shah Ji: Just for now when you are in need or would you be able to remember it in future, as well.

Jacob: Of course, I will. I had never been able to see it in this way. I had been asking others to help me and prayed to God but I never thought this way. It is true, Sir. Only God can help and He can choose the medium to help His believers and also those who do not believe in Him. Unfortunately, what they teach us in the name of culture, society and religion is often somewhat different.

Shah Ji: Is it wrong? What I say should make sense. Or, is it something out of this world?

Jacob: Not exactly. Usually we do not perceive things the way we should. We are not told the truth. In our life, we learn to be dependent on others who are just like us. We hardly think the person who is no better than I am could help me unless he/she is chosen for me. Somehow, this kind of thinking eliminates our inner fears and removes those complaints we develop in our heart. It takes a while to get used to of such divine thinking.

Shah Ji: Does your heart accept it?

Jacob: Yes. Somehow, it is accepting. People are selfish and they help those whom return the favors to them. When they help, they are actually demanding something in return. Man is materialistic and their whole world revolves around their own pretty self, money and their worldly possessions. Most of them are ignorant that it is Almighty or Divine God who has made them. They become good or bad on their own choice. When they are strong and capable of helping others they choose the other way round. You have helped me reach this point in my head and I am thankful for that. I wonder why we go after the evil.

Shah Ji: It has been three days I had received funds. Every day you came and asked me to help you and I refused because I am a man

Jacob: What can I say but thank you for this? You have taught something I needed for an increase in my faith. I could not thank much. God arranged our meeting and I wish to learn more

Shah Ji: Not exactly – I did not teach you anything. Do you want to know why?

Jacob: But, you did. I learned a lot

Shah Ji: Once again, you are not able to see the Real Doer. I can be a medium. So, it can be anybody else. God is the teacher and He alone can teach through a man, a tree and a dog or a bird

Jacob: Sir, you are my medium

Shah Ji: For that, I am much grateful to my Allah. He uses me as a medium; it is not my own effort. Men give credit to me that I do not deserve. I feel embarrassed when someone tries to give me the credit when it is only God doing everything.

Jacob: I always used to pray in the night before I went to bed. I admit I am not much religious, but I believe in God. I am still young and there is a lot I need to understand.

Shah Ji: Let me share you how the Satan or devil attacks. It will help you identify good thoughts from the bad and evil. Why I did not send you funds and had been refusing you from the last three days in a row

Jacob: Yes, please tell me

Shah Ji: When you asked first time and at that time I asked you to ask God and you did at that time I did not have funds but I promised you that if you ask God and God sends me funds I will give you then God sent me funds and then you came to me and said help me. I felt bad for you and your ignorance and at the same time, feelings of anger were born inside me. Just for a little money you forgot so soon

Jacob: Oh! I had least the idea I was causing you feeling of discomfort. Is that what you experienced?

Shah Ji: Wait, let me finish, son. I will ask you later. So, even when I wanted to send you money each time a second thought popped out and it forced me not to do it. It has been going on from last few days until now when you came many hours ago. I kept on thinking why my mind was distracted. The alien thought kept on telling me about you. It said I hardly know this guy. What if he is fooling me. May be he is taking advantage of my kindness. This guy is not asking God and therefore, it is ignorance to ask a man like him. He has not learned his lesson I gave him and so do not help him. I kept on thinking and evaluating all these positive and negative thoughts then, I asked Allah to help me and show me the light. I asked for the help to get rid of satanic thinking. Then it revealed on me

  • You are only a medium Shah and it is not you who can help anyone. You cannot even blink your eyes without the help of God. So, this is evil thinking if you are deciding to help this man or not.
  • You promised to Allah not this guy. Now as per the promise, you have received the money and now you must fulfill your words.
  • It is not your job to judge – this guy is answerable to God himself. Your job is to do as you are asked and ordered by God
  • Who knows the condition of his heart would change and no one except God can know the change in his heart. It can fill with faith and this man can strengthen his belief
  • Do not be an obstacle in this process of realization and it is only between him and his God
  • Tell the guy one more time and let him realize how much God loves him and it is only God who can do everything to help him out

That’s it, I followed the positive thought.

Jacob: Hmm, you seem to be right. This is quite familiar. Although I prayed God daily for a number of things and asked for help but there was something wrong. May be I was not been doing it in the right manner. But Sir, I would never break your trust for a few dollars. I can assure you that.

Shah Ji: I do not carry all these worries to upset me. I only wanted to share how our thinking is influenced under evil. I wrote all this for your learning. You can identify the devil and the devilish thoughts. It is so easy to become a follower of devil and follow evil thoughts.

Jacob: I understand. I was never trying to fool you, sir.

Shah Ji: Yes Jacob, I believe you

Jacob: My choice of words may be wrong but my intentions were not wrong.

Shah Ji: Yes, watch your words as they become your actions

Jacob: Yes, I find no objection. I have to believe in it.

Shah Ji: ok

Jacob: Let me think about this. I will go now. I will ask God to help me and if It is through you it will solve a lot of problems I am going through this time.

Shah Ji: As I said, I will keep my word

Jacob: And, I promise to keep a watch my words.

Shah Ji: Allah ji help you amen

Jacob: May God help us all!

Shah Ji: I have released you advance payment. Join me after Christmas holidays and then work on paying back your loan. Merry Christmas to you

Jacob: Merry Christmas to you too



2 thoughts on “Man cannot help unless God selects someone for your help

  1. Wonderful post Shah ji, I really liked it…A true lesson that how to have faith in Allah ji.(God)..Excellent!

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