True Love!


If I had a lifetime and it spanned over thousands of years or more,

The intoxication of Your love would make me go through the same again and again,

If I had known the pain and suffering I got have made me reach You My love,

I would have spent thousands of such lives in search of You

I had known I was the biggest obstacle in the path of love,

I would have taken no time to remove my Self,

If I were born a thousand times, I would have chosen to walk on the same path of love,

 If I had known my Self is the veil between You and I,

I would have burned it with my own hands, my Love!

If between the lovers, a thin veil was an obstacle for them to feel the warmth and sensation

A wall against merging into each other;

Between lover and the beloved

Then I had urge we both worked on removing the obstructions together

Allow me and give the chances;

I wish to surrenders, submit

And, accept

Then when the lovers have finally met,

The veil is lifted forever

At last, there has left nothing but You in me – My love


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