Do Qualifications matter in freelance writing career?

Most of you may have spent many years in fear of becoming a college dropout. Dodging this fear may be the only thing you did do in those days. Many of you must have felt so many times they are unqualified and never discovered anything. If you were one of those individuals who have not yet unchained themselves from the claws of this, fear that they will fail in their first attempt and you may never enter this ever-challenging field of freelance writing.

 writer-13-aDid you think only those with degrees in journalism and English studies become a freelance writer? If you did then I must add something to your information. I have met many individuals who are working full time professional freelance writers and have not done big in journalism at college. To be frank, some college dropouts are actually making a good living by writing for various clients and websites.

 It needs determination and common sense to do well in the freelance writing world. Yes, common sense is not so common and I must say it is one of those ingredients you need to thrive in this industry. Writing does not give you satisfaction when you are supposed to insert a lot of keywords and write on a specific niche. However, if you are creative and passionate to adopt freelance and SEO writing as your profession then you can add that spark of interest to the boring product description and even write up with dozens of keywords.

It may not be easy for a newbie to understand and use  keywords, to create interesting titles and add valuable information for the visitors at different article websites and blogs but once you have learned “How” and “Dos and Don’ts” writing anything will be as easy as ABC. Every field in the world has some rules of learning. You cannot expect to become a skilled writer the next morning from when you woke up and decided to become a freelance writer. It will take while to learn everything and for you to write like a pro.



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