What Is The Role Of A Mentor In Your Life?


You may forget if I tell you.

You may remember for a long time if I teach you.

You may learn it for the rest of your life if I involve you.

As a mentor, I believe in this. I always wanted to be awakened and inspire others. I never wanted to be a mediocre teacher who only taught and made their pupils learn and focus on parroting. Life is my mentor, I learned from nature, and everything around me was an inspiration. I learned from my cat, my little ants that used to collect outside my door and I saw them daily working rigorously. The sky was the canvas for my eyes to see the birds soaring high and the trees, every leaf and tiny buds on delicate branches taught me a lot.

mentor4I found good mentors in my students and those who taught me by rejecting my work and sent me a paper full of red marks on it. Each time I felt heartbroken but soon this feeling disappeared and there came a new learning, awakening to truth that I have room to become better and better. I refused to give up, just like my tiny ants when one of them tried again and again to carry that grain of rice larger than her own small size.

 I often think of Helen Keller and the teacher she found who guided her to see, listen and tune in with her before she became a great writer. It was not her eyesight, her sense of hearing and abilities that made her tear the veil of darkness in her heart. It was this mentor and her love that guided her way. She learned to appreciate the innate beauty and could see, hear and feel better than most of us who are born with all senses intact. Her small fingertips became the sensors with which she felt every object and tried reading the faces. Her heart became the tower house of light that guides the way to the ships and cruises on a stormy night. Learning starts from the inside.

mentor3May be if I choose to shut my eyes and ears and then divulge into my heart and let the horses of my thoughts run free and wild I can also enter the realms of my inner being. If only I could be friendly to that being inside me who is the real seer and doer, I can be free. Only then, my hands will feel all those experiences and write with a pen all about those journeys I look inside me with my best friend “Me”

Give wings to your thoughts. Let them soar up high in the sky and come back after touching that heavenly body suspended in space and time, with a new vision and sensations. Let it return to you and help you see. May be then you can write and write and paint the empty canvas like a master of olden times.

mentor2Painting the canvas with words is not a skill you can learn through a mentor. No teacher would give you a brush loaded with color to paint the sketch you just drew. It is only you who need to imagine and bring it out of you all what you sensed, experienced and felt.

I have had mentors all my life but they were not an old professor with research papers rolled under his arm or an old lady wearing round glasses. My mentor was always inside me and guided me my whole life. I was never left alone or unaccompanied by my mentor. My mentor helped me grow, live and feel. He exists in me and I have no desire to break free from the prison of this one of a kind relationship.


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