Should You Try To Please Everyone? No Way!

blogOkay. You’ve set up a blog. Now, what are you going to write? There are so many niches you think you would be a perfect fit for, that you are stumped for choice. Or you have a few ideas of your own you want to give air to. Great. But which one of them is going to appeal the most to potential clients? Oh, the devil with it. You’ll  write a few posts that take in everything.

Now. Who do you want to read it? Well, that’s simple. All the however many millions of people on the Internet. Even better, you want them to Tweet it, Facebook it,  +1 it. The more it spreads, the better.

Big shock. No one seems to do nothin’ with your masterpieces. Or, the complete opposite. They tear them to pieces. Oh, sure, one or two lonely little voices say they like it in a lukewarm way, but that’s all.

So, what did you do wrong? Guess what the answer is? PLENTY. That’s right. Your masterpiece of blogging is crap. No more, no less than crap. Let me explain that better, so your hurt feelings don’t get even more dented.

You tried to get to everyone. Unfortunately, that is a big mistake with newbies. You spread yourself so thin that no one has an idea who you are, what you are trying to say, or even what the blog is about.  It is so easy to try to do this. You want to reach everyone you possibly can in one or two posts. Not doable. No one in the world can do that.

To rectify this problem, take a step back and really think about what you want your blog to say. Do you want it to sell items? Fine. Then write the content for those items alone, not a jumble of your thoughts, plus anything else that takes your fancy. After your blog has some traction, then you can stray a bit. But ALWAYS keep your main theme in mind and link back to it.

Second, understand, that, no matter what you talk about, you will never please everyone in the world. In other words, try to pick the type of people you want to read your blog, and buy from. And, for goodness sake, keep to them. Sure, you will get a biker who knits, but they are few and far between, so don’t clutter up your Harley Davidson bike blog with knitting patterns. Stupid to the nth degree, but I have seen it done. If you really want to appeal to a biker who knits, make another blog especially for them.

Another good idea is to pick something that is not going to bore the pants off you within a couple of months. If you are bored, your readers will sense this and be bored also, even before they read the blog. So give your blog a fair chance.images


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