Do you want to do blogging? Read this first!

So you want to blog? Good move, but you do need to put a little bit of thought into it first. A blog these days can be a very powerful way of spreading your business around the Internet, but you need to choose what your blog is about first and foremost.blogging

Maybe you want to blog about latte coffee. Well, that’s a good start, but are you enthusiastic enough about latte coffee to be able to put interesting content out day after day/week after week or is your enthusiasm going to be short-lived and you get to hate your blog after perhaps a month?

Okay, you can blog once a week if you want. But, unless your get-up-and-go is really in motion finding new facts  and is going to keep on being so, even blogging once a month about latte coffee is still going to make you bored and sick of the topic. You can outsource the work, certainly, but if you are so tired of your blog then you possibly will not want to edit and proofread these posts, and what good will they be to you anyway?

Make no mistake, people can, even on the Internet, know when you are bored or sick of a topic, and will react accordingly. Your traffic will fall off, and you will drop out of sight very quickly. So this is one reason to ensure you are very sure you can keep up new posts.

Even if you choose to update your blog every week, that is better than letting it sit week after week, or even month after month.

Some big name bloggers only blog when they have something to say, but should you adopt this idea in the beginning, be sure you inform your readers and be very clear about it. If you don’t and they expect to see a new post every day/week, they will get pissed off very quickly.blogging1

Even better, when you inform them of your intentions, give them a time that you will have more: e.g., 7 days, 2 weeks etc. and make sure it is there. People do not like being told that you will do something and then you do not. If you plan on using your blog to sell an item, then this will make them think you aren’t serious about your selling features either.


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