How to Use Keywords Simply – Part II


In my previous post Those Frustrating Things Called Keywords, I discussed about the significance of keywords and why keywords are important to form a well-balanced seo article or blog post. In this post, I am going to discuss keyword usage and how to maintain the flow within your article while using keyword or keywords.

However, let’s return to the last post, so I can answer my own questions about writing a good article with keywords:

kws3(i) You have covered the density of the keywords. And all in one paragraph no less.

(ii) Each SENTENCE flows.

(iii) You have imparted information.

That will do for a start. Now, let me give you an editor’s perception of that paragraph:

(i) You certainly have covered the density of the keywords. This is around the 10% mark. True, there are some clients who will still ask for this type of writing, but they should be getting fewer and fewer. This is not natural speech, and that is what you are aiming for. Do you really speak like this?

I am dying for a cigarette. If I do not have a cigarette, I will die. I need a cigarette. Etc.

If you do, I sincerely pity your friends listening to you.

As for the other answer to (i): Sure, you have made a paragraph. Now what are you going to do for the rest of the article, seeing as you are supposed to write 300, 400, 500 words? Ignore the keywords totally? After all, you have fulfilled all the requirements. Or are you going to continue in this fashion? I would hope you do not do either of these. Your editor will eat you without salt OR herbs.

(ii) Notice I put the word ‘SENTENCE’ in capitals. It is quite correct. The sentences themselves do flow. Just not the PARAGRAPH. And together, they have a type of rough flow, but not half as good as they would be if the sentences were not next to each other.

(iii) You certainly have imparted information. Far, far too much for one lonely little paragraph. Each of these sentences would be perfect for a full paragraph to itself. All you would need to do is add something to make that sentence stand up for another maybe 50-60 words and, with 4 main sentences already there, that is 4 paragraphs, nearly an article of 300 words.


Please do NOT run off at the mouth and try to cram all your information into one paragraph. Not only is it overkill, but your reader will run screaming. They take in SMALL nuggets of information. Structure your paragraphs so there is only ONE nugget per paragraph. This is very important. Give more than one tip or hint in the paragraph and you lose your reader.

I have put this post together so you can learn why an editor will shout and delete, and most likely, refuse to authorize the client to pay you. If you have a client who does not shout, consider yourself extremely fortunate. There are other ways to choke a turkey then cramming it with grain, however, and experienced clients know ALL of them, as do editors..

If you have more than one keyword, you may use all keywords in same paragraph IF IT FLOWS NATURALLY, but also distribute evenly throughout the article. Follow the golden rule: Don’t overdo it.


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