Food For Thought for New Writers – Part II

new writer

SEO means certain words are optimized to bring traffic to a source, like keywords. Content writing is facts put in a way that people learn about that content. Simple SEO. If you want to make your target audience interested, you use good content. Things they can find if they look themselves, but who has the time to search hundreds of sites for one little point? This is why you should make your articles as interesting as possible.

What type of articles do you like to read? Ones that stick to the point or ones that wander everywhere?

Okay. Then you go back to my first point. Check the URL/Google a keyword and write one sentence on it. Then build around it until you have 80-100 words. One paragraph. Pick another keyword. Do the same. Two paragraphs that say two different things about the same object.

If you pick 3, 4, 5 words/keywords and do this, you will have a 300, 400 or 500 word article.  Go ahead! Read the information you find, and then put it in your own words. As long as you make your meaning exactly the same, I cannot see why you should get caught by Copyscape. These sentences are from YOUR brain after all, and no one has your head or thoughts.

Plagiarism is simply taking someone’s thoughts and passing them off as your own. it is lazy actually as well as dishonest. Personally, I hate writing things exactly as someone else has seen it. It gives me no stimulation at all. Laziness never pays. If you are lazy/dishonest/whatever, you will always be made to do it again until you get it right = much more work. 🙂

This is, if you work for a lenient client. Most others would sack you. It is good to practice again and again. If you do it more often, you will be able to do it in your sleep soon. Another thing – If you find a good client who is an excellent teacher and patient, do not try his patience. It DOES run out eventually.

Do not keep asking your teacher if you are improving. He will tell you when he thinks you are by himself. He just needs to see you are trying.

If you keep making the same mistakes, that is when he gets angry. Keep practicing. Copy and paste something easy for a start, then rewrite it. You can always send your work to your teacher to look at it when you think you have got it right. That is not a problem. Your teacher is there to help, but he is not a mind reader. new writer1He needs to ‘hear’ what worries you. He will not get angry. He would only get annoyed when a writer will not ask even the silliest question. No question is silly if it is a worry. 


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