Ego can destroy you and it is good to leave it. Most of the people I know tell me they do not have ego and this is what they should know this is the very sign of very strong ego when you deny it. It takes years of practice and true knowledge to understand and find out the ego wrapped in many brightly colored wraps.

Ghost writer with burning skull



I am angry. It is wrong and I know it. So, this is going to be my way of getting rid of it. Let’s see how it works out. What causes anger? I don’t know. One moment I am all chocolates and sunshine and the next moment, I’m thunder and grey clouds. Why? I don’t really know. I hear mood swings are a part of an unsteady mental condition. Not really. Mood swings may be a special attribute of thick headed people. Who are they? You ask. Look around, you’ll see many. Or look in the mirror the next time you feel like throwing someone out the window, you’ll definitely find one there.

Angry people are generally like bulls. You know snarling and stamping their hooves in the ground while they prepare to charge. Case in point below:


I try to impersonate anger sometimes. I imagine anger like Seduca…

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