Humans are like onions

Chop your ego like an onion

Ghost writer with burning skull

Why? Let’s look at an onion. It is covered with layers after layers.


Take an onion and start peeling it. What lies at the center? Nothing; it is empty. While you take the layers off, your eyes shall sting so we can say that onions make us cry.

Since I first said that humans are like onions then it means that like onions, humans make other humans cry and sting too.

Why is that? It is because we give them too much power over us. We make a small idol of each human in our heart and then we worship that idol. Yikes! What have I said, OMG! Can it really be true? It is true.

We expect a human to take care of all our needs, to love us, nourish us and help us in all kinds of troubles. Think of your parents. Is it not what you expect…

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