Miserable University Mornings

Ghost writer with burning skull

I know I know mornings are supposed to be bright, sunny and full of promise and they really are as long as you get to spend them asleep.

Every day, the journey from my home to the bus stop is fraught with perils unknown. Acquiring a foothold in the mass of rigid bodies standing in the bus is a huge feat to accomplish. This is followed by indignant hrumphs and grumps every time you bump into someone. Well, hello, news flash! I’m not doing it on purpose. Try balancing yourself on a bus with a demonic driver and I’ll ask you if it’s easy. Anyways, my point is if someone bumps your shoulder in the bus; try not to burn the poor soul with your glare. It might be that the person simply can’t help it. Not all of us have granite bones you know.

For someone who is borderline…

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