Get Your Blogging Strategy Right

blog3Are you thinking about how to do blogging? Are you looking for a good blog strategy? Are you getting the expected turnaround of visitors at your blog site? Blogging is not rocket science and difficult but you must know those critical rules to make you established as a successful blogger. You got to remove those weeds and learn to walk on the bumpy road to become the most visited blog on the internet.blog1

There is no doubt blogging is one of those increasingly popular tactics for increasing the volume of traffic towards your money site. It is a wonderful and almost magical way to catch the attention of your potential clients and customers. Just recently, companies and organizations have started utilizing this technique to enhance their web presence and attracting web traffic to their business websites. So. What are those tips and tricks, which can bring visitors towards your blog and in return, make your product or shared knowledge viral?

“Blogging has some rules which can’t be broken even if you are a rule breaker by nature

1. One thing you must get correct is your keyword strategy. Research has proven that blogs, which do not contain specific keywords related to the topic, do not work as well as ones who do.

2. Social media does add legitimate links. Share your content with the business you have mentioned. If you get on their radar, they may return the favor, and this is as good as SEO links. You need to get those social links for ratings purposes. The more genuine links from companies, the higher you will go. So, reach out to them.

3. It really does matter how often you blog. Maybe not two or three times a day, unless you want to spend all your time updating the information you are sharing, but at least once per day. If you like, give yourself the weekends off, but try to make 5 posts a week. This appears to be a magical number.

4. Make your content valuable. Yes, you’ve heard it a million times, but it is very true. Find something new about your topic or just anything that will entertain and give your reader food for thought. Don’t rehash old stuff that has been done to death. If you cannot think of anything, give your readers a quiz to answer, concerning a topic they bring into a discussion every few days. Get their feedback and answer questions. Use a post to help.blog2

5. Your headline matters. Put a bland headline over your content and you will miss a great deal of audience attention. What headlines attract you? Do your friends like the same ones, or would they pass them over, barely glancing? Get this part correct and you have won half the battle to get eyeballs on what you intend to say. But do not come up with a headline that is great, and give content that is so-so. This is a perfect way to put readers off for good.

 Stay tuned for more help!


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