Milestones in Life

Ignorance is death of your consciousness
Awake are those who have found the wealth of True knowledge

Ghost writer with burning skull

All through life, we meet many things that require strength and courage. One of these is our faith. Sometimes in order to follow it genuinely, we get no choice but fight and then, get wounded at times.
There is no other way but to fight. The brave thing to do would be to wear each wound that you suffer like a medal. Each of them represents a small victory that you have won over your greatest enemy. These fights won’t end but if you stand tall and steadfast and never back away with fear or qualms, victory shall always be yours.
This victory cannot be measured in terms of bounty you get or riches you gain; it goes far and beyond all measures because it brings purity in heart. It takes you one-step closer to your destination.
The satisfaction that accompanies each victory shall refresh you, energize you and shall…

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