Don’t Mind

You must see enough of it on TV. I know I do here. Ads for Viagra . Gets bloody boring, but it amuses me that women are not supposed to take it because they have not got the obvious equipment to benefit. Yeah, but it is dangerous if you believe it is the only thing that will get your tool to stay up. As for women, they have creams galore to make their breasts point outwards, and downwards.  If you believe in them, then you don’t believe in gravity.images (1)

There isn’t any muscle there. That I know for a fact, having watched a great deal of breast reductions and augmentations in my younger life. No wonder plastic surgeons are rich. Some people are so filthy rich that they can watch piles of money burn and get  kicks and giggles out of it.

Now burning doesn’t have to be a bonfire of green bills and you don’t even need gasoline to trigger it. There are far subtler ways of watching it go down the drain or be stuffed somewhere in your body.  If you can find no where better to spend, you buy such tools and medicines that promise to grow your height, firm the breasts, your lips perfect and make your Angelina Jolie dream come true… blah blah.

It’s turned into a billion dollar industry promoting lies and deceptions. Welcome to the 21st century. We sell lies packaged in the most wonderful and lustful gifts. if you do not know the art of lying, you are a dumb, dull, failure. There’s no place for a simpleton like you in this modern and advanced world. Get an overhaul, a makeover as it is the only way to survive today.

Avoiding truth is an art these days, which you are taught at schools and institutes. You are rewarded for hiding the realities of life and projecting sick imagination, marketing fantasies that make you ill and this is done in the name of human mind development and social progress. Enlightened discussions on subjects that were previously considered too crass for the delicate sensibilities of children before are now considered part and parcel of drawing room conversations. You have to be good at stealing, doing fraud, witty enough to defy logics and sharp like a razor edge to survive in the present environment on planet Earth.

You are given Nobel Prize on working on methods for removing pollution on ground but there is no degree and study on the pollution of mind and soul.

They sell you beauty products to make you look and feel like a celebrity.  They sell their creams to make your skin look like that of a French model, sell their clothes to make you look like you are clothed, they make you wear false nails, false hair and false orgasms.

What annoys some people the most is that things that are promised to work for MEN usually do 🙂 Women just waste money. It doesn’t worry a few. I know a girl who has never worn that stuff in her life. Well, not since her father asked her when she was going out if that was why she looked as if she had fallen in the flour bin.

Who wants to look like a stick insect? I don’t like them anyway. The bloody things bite. How can a woman be happy when she is nearly starving all the damn time and dreams of juicy stakes while crunching on lettuce leaves by choice.

Happiness isn’t born out of some Buddha inspired hunger strikes or by trying to personify Barbie.

These poor rich folks try to find contentment in indiscriminate sex, liquor and drugs. How many times have you seen kids exchange weed when they think no one’s looking?

These folks are drowned in insecurities. Be it men or women, no one is content with what they have and everyone wants what they don’t have. It’s like an eternal battle or something. You see men buying off the counter drugs that promise them stamina and more prowess.

Millions of dollars are wasted by these men in such endeavors. It all sounds so boring. Is it really worth it to compete for some egoistic male? How many times have you succeeded in getting a good man from a blind date? How many of your bar pickups have turned out to be decent chaperones? When have the escorts ever made it worth your money? Sure, they take you on a joyride but how long does it ever last? This sounds so pointless. You don’t have to be a hermit to get real happiness.images (2)

You can get everything you want and then some by just being you. The person who deserves you shall love you for who you are; not what you pose to be. So why waste money on all these super-facial uplifts? Acknowledging your weaknesses shall make your life so much simpler and easier. A peacock doesn’t wear red Prada heels to make up for his naturally hideous feet. The bird has learnt to live with them. You could do the same too.

Find those peacock feathers and ignore your ugly feet; life will be so much better for you. 

Yeah. I have seen a cartoon of some poor man getting into bed and watching what his bed partner was taking off, unscrewing, whatever with eyes like planets. Hmmm, yes. How boring. Is it really worth competing for some stupid male? I thought it was THEM who are supposed to be the peacocks.


One thought on “Don’t Mind

  1. Yes, this inspiring blog should open the eyes of those who are out to defy Our Creator, by undoing or changing the way we are created. Truly mankind should learn a lesson or two from the animal kingdom. They behave, live and never seem to care to alter their look and yet look fabulous.

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