Mind Blowing Tips on Writing a Killer Blog Post

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Blogging seems to be the part of a New World Order now. The internet is littered with bloggers of all kinds. Young or middle aged, you’ll find ladies chattering about skin care and kids engaged in steamy discussions over the latest games. You may wonder why blogging has turned into such a big deal and why many people have started to spend so much time and effort into writing awesome, unique and content rich blogs. Well, obviously, judging by the number of people whom blog, it must be something that generates great income.

Blogging is all about writing about the thing that has great market value and is the most sought out product over the internet. Now, not everyone is Confucius or Gandhi in wisdom. But it is a common trend that the blogger who writes smartly and intelligently gets the most traffic. Some things can give you a head start in blogging. If you keep them in mind, you’ll definitely start in the right direction.

Modern world is all about brands. You can do branding and marketing of your services and products through blogging. It is all about reaching the right audience and your blog is your gateway to reach the heart of your prospective clients and customers. A simple idea can change the way you used to think, feel and explore. Ideas are everywhere and blogging is one of them. Blog creation is no less than evolution of your thoughts.

Blogging = easy money is an equation that many people believe in.

However, not everything is served on a silver platter with a cherry on top unless you’re sitting in a cafe.

Do you wonder why your blog posts are not visible? Why that is, your blog is not making a difference at all. Redefine your identity, create new opportunities and make your blogs visible in this highly competitive business world.


Your killer blog post should be well researched with impeccable writing and expression loaded with visual components that include the use of images and videos. Let’s discuss all the ingredients one by one.

Killer title or Topic

The topic of your blog post should be engaging and interesting. The title of your blog post will attract your audience like honey to Winnie the Pooh. Suppose you are writing a blog post about a skin care product your title should go like this: “Tips on keeping your skin radiant and blemish free.”

Purpose of your blog post

Always think before you write. You’re going to write a killer post not a post that gets killed even before it gets published. So, it is important that you know why you wish to write on any particular subject. As we are writing on a skin product, decide which age group you wish to target. Let’s suppose you are targeting 40+ women. Remember to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you really interested in writing on this topic from the perspective of a 40+ women?
  • Are you willing to share your personal skin care regime with your audience?
  • How you are going to benefit your reader?

Most of the times, bloggers are simply following the general trend. Remember, if you wish to be recognized over the web, think outside the box, stand out, and be imaginative and creative. Only then, you’ll be able to write good posts.

The length and tone of your blog post

The length of your post should be enough to offer in depth and detailed expression to the reader. Thoroughly research on your subject. Write material backed with your personal experience. Usually, 1000 words are more than enough to describe the topic under discussion completely. Keep your post non technical for the layperson. Tone should be upbeat and personal. Make it easy to understand and read.

The format of your blog post

Make sure to break it down into sections and try not to sound like a professor giving a boring lecture or your post won’t be read more than the first few lines. Pepper it with anecdotes and make it lively with a sprinkle of wit but don’t overdo it. Sarcasm can kill the mood faster than a downpour on a parade.

Write about 200 words personal statement. It should help in establishing the rapport and helping your reader know the importance of your subject, topic and purpose of reading.

Since you are discussing skin care regime write some basic facts and the importance of skin cleansing, moisturizing and toning. At this point you can add what you follow or deviate. You can recommend some creams or gels and provide your opinion based on your experience.

Add description or discuss some popular brands not more than 300 words. You should discuss oily, dry and combination skin properties and acne problems. Offer some piece of advice and general recommendations to your reader.

Write like a Pro. Share your experience with your reader. Write about you visiting some health and skincare forums and discussions to make your post look authentic

Your post should cater the needs of all types of readers. You can now add some 200-300 words about anti aging products. Discuss the signs such as age spots, forming of wrinkles, and causes of developing blemishes and loss of moisture and suppleness and so on. Write about reversing the effects or slowing down the aging process; discuss a treatment or a home remedy and enlighten your reader with some general recommendation and advice on anti aging skincare regime after forty.

Add conclusion

Now we have reached to the last part of your blog post. Write the conclusion and ending note.

Things to do

Your blog post draft is ready and now it is time to add the keywords, check the word count, title and subtitles. Do the editing and fix the grammar. Inspect everything and remove the repetition, unnecessary details and tweak your blog post. Remember to keep the length of paragraphs not more than 4-5 sentences and use sub-headers to keep the sections separate.

Insert relevant images with interesting captions and put them in the right places throughout your post. Do not forget to add the hyperlinks out to authoritative sources. The links should contain the concepts in your post and further information on the subject. Use website with high PR such as educational or .edu links, government websites and WebMD. Informative sites like Wikipedia are another good example to add to the knowledge of your readers. You can also provide links to the news sites such as New York Times.

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of work, but trust me, once you get started, you’ll find your way around very easily. After publishing one or two blog posts, you’ll be faster and it shall become infinitely easier to write killer blog posts in just a few hours.



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