Even the Best Designs Have Problems


The Everything Bubble II has landed on Mars successfully. The team of astronauts all cheered and whooped with joy at having made it to Mars safely. They are regularly reporting back to Houston and Houston shares their excitement.

Their mission on Mars is full of unknown perils and many threats of the grievous kind and also unknown. They cannot afford a single mistake and are very cautious of their alien surroundings. From what they have learnt, Mars is a land of red rocks, craters and barren soil. But the Everything Bubble II is fine. After all, it is designed to cope with anything at all and Mars will pose no problems. It has everything the astronauts will need for any imagined or unimagined trouble.

All the astronauts gather around the Bubble’s thick glass window to get their first glimpse of Mars. One of the astronauts spots some movement in the distance.  He wonders what it is.

OMG! He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was another astronaut!

His suit was pierced and torn at many places. His helmet was broken, and there were claw marks on his suit. He limped and stumbled but used his waning strength to reach the observing astronauts who seemed to have turned into statues with shock.


He knocks on the glass window and the astronauts inside the Bubble open it. They are incapable of speech. The man looks terrible, and he is holding something in his hand. He brings it up with shaking and bloodied fingers.

The astronauts in the Bubble watch in silence as they see him pull up his visor and put it in his mouth. In a scratchy and barely audible voice, he asks:

“Do you have a light?”

At that, the chief astronaut inside the Bubble was flabbergasted. He patted his pockets, but what the hell, this wasn’t a summer stroll in Central Park. This was Mars! He looked around in helplessness and then declared this to be an emergency. He grabbed for the voice-connector:

“Houston, we have a problem here!

How, in the goddamn blazes, is there no match to light a cigarette in this space shuttle? And we are supposed to be prepared for anything?”

And Houston kept quiet.

Moral of the story: No matter how well prepared you think you are for the unexpected, there will always be a time when something come up that you never prepared for! So, just be happy and deal with it as best you can.



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