The Mystery of the bag


The girl was walking on a lonely road. It was in the suburbs of the city and far away from people- a long beautiful road with all the trees that provided shade on a hot blazing noon. The wind was gently stroking the girl’s hair and cheeks softly, but she was unaware of all the natural beauty around her.

She was clutching on to a small bag tightly as if there was something very precious in it. She was tall and slender and her hair fell on her shoulders in a carefree manner. One glance at her lovely face revealed she was tired.

Her walk had taken a toll on her and exhaustion was visible on her delicate features. Shoulders hunched eyes downcast; she looked remote and far away from her warm and beautiful surroundings.

Her knuckles were white from the tight grasp that she had over the bag. Her fingers and arm folded inward protectively over the bag. It almost seemed as if she was cradling a baby; such was the intensity of her care for the bag.

There were sprawling fields of golden wheat that glittered like gold and shimmered as the wind swayed the husks; the sweet scent of ripe mangoes scented the air. And, the breeze stirred up dandelions.

Then she heard humming from behind. The sound was similar to that when a honeycomb is irritated and thousands of bees come buzzing and flying. When she turned to look back, there was nothing but a serene landscape behind her.

The noise continued to tickle her ears and soon seemed to be louder and coming from close by.

Fear surrounded her like a dark suffocating blanket. She heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching. The thrum of the engine, the shriek of tires on the road when an accelerator is pressed. This time she did see two bikers riding the bike.

They wore leather jackets, laughing and cracking jokes, it seemed. They sounded so carefree, loud and cheerful and enjoying all that nature had to offer them. When they saw the lonely, tall and slender figure a little down the road, they paused.

Why would such a beautiful girl be out in the wilderness all by herself in the unforgiving May heat? The man straddling the back of the bike murmured something to the man who drove it and both of them smirked in sly anticipation. Their eyes, which had been busy raking the girl, suddenly stopped at the bag that she was holding so tightly in her hands.

All interest in the girl now zeroed in on the bag. There had to be something very valuable in it for the lonely girl to be protecting it so fiercely. Probably, things she had stolen from her house, money, jewelry or other riches. As the bike approached the girl, the rider sitting at the back tried to snatch the bag. The girl was stiff with fear and her large eyes were like those of a deer caught in headlights.

Though the girl looked very alone and fragile, the bag couldn’t be separated from her no matter how hard the rider pulled at it. Finally, with one brutal tug, the bag gave way and was torn from the girl’s desperate grasp.

ghost girl

The riders swept past her, whooping in joy and left dust swirling in their wake. The bag that the girl held so close to the heart and had meant dearer to her than life itself was taken away. An ugly act of mercilessness. There was nothing left, but the dust that now clung to the girl’s wet cheeks and stung her eyes causing them to water even more.

The men had dragged the girl with them when they tried to snatch the bag away, but they hardly cared. Such was the blind greed that consumed them.

Her scraped knees and bruised hands hurt and bled while the girl watched the riders go away with her bag.

The guys on the bike were busy rejoicing upon gaining such treasures and how they had overpowered the silly girl so quickly.

Their whoops of delight and loud cackling were interrupted by the sound of another bike approaching them from behind.

The man sitting behind turned his head back to look and his eyes nearly bugged out when he saw the thin girl straddling the bike and racing towards them. Her hair blew away wildly in the wind. The girl shook her head and looked determined to get back what was hers.

The man laughed in mockery and shouted at the girl at the top of his voice while waving the bag: “You want this? You can have it, but you’ll have to go through me first! So, little girl, think you can beat me?

Upon hearing that, the girl looked at him and spoke in a weird tone, a single word at top of her voice:


It was if there were two fierce gladiators in the arenas riding their majestic horses and the gauntlet had been thrown and now it was going to be a battle of wills. Then she gave chase and the engine of the monstrous bike thundered and growled.

girl riderThe bike went like bullet out of the pistol and then suddenly she was in front of them and was now facing the men.

The bikes were now going too fast and seemed likely to break the sound barrier. The game would end in a matter of seconds. As their speed was too high, they had no time to think to stop or use brakes. One thing was sure- There was going to be a big collision.

But before the bikes could collide the girl rose and jumped in the air and went straight towards the men at the speed of a bullet. Both the boys felt a gust of hot air pass through them and it broke every bone in their body.

They both died out of fear and the bag was the last thing they ever saw. The girl was finally reunited with her bag. As the noise calmed, the dust settled and chaos went away, all was as it should be. However, there is a question that would remain unanswered forever now: “What was in the bag?” For the girl disappeared, still clutching it.

So, set free the Sherlock in you, piece together the clues in this story and find out what was in the bag. Share it with us. Who knows you may get the right answer and solve this mystery of the bag. 


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