Silent Cries and Roads to Nowhere


I am a father of an 11-year-old child
Whose mind is bloated with all the turmoil
She watches the news on TV channel
And listens to the calamity of flood and bloodshed
Anchors discussing the political problems
The leaders dying for their stardom
Beloved homeland with a blood red sky
The flood is threatening to consume lives
Death toll rising with missing children
that found no shelter in the rain
With pale faces, they are trying to sustain
For them, there is so much pain ordained
They try to suppress their urge to eat food
They lost their mothers in the raging pools
Look up the sky for help to arrive
While they see their fathers struggling to survive
The help arrived camouflaged in uniforms
Strong arms and their kind souls
Helped those stuck in the flood
Rescued the victims
Provided them with food and medicines
It is not the flood that troubles me so high
It is the people who are immune to cries
The sit-ins and their stubborn participants
Are they knowledgeable or mere self-serving
Which one is greatest?
The flood or the fight
The lust to rule or help on flood site
A game of numbers, divide and rule
They sit numbly while their leaders drool
More than a hundred lives lost in a flood
Millions of IDPs waiting for help
They are asking the people there
Why have you left us in the middle of nowhere? They cry.
Unanswered questions churn in my mind so deep
Seeing her so worried and confusions she keeps
Questions arise in her bewildered eyes
I can feel the ache in her silent cries
I have answers, but I don’t know why
I get so confused when she ask me why?

Who is a Muslim?
Is he not the one who follows One God and not Satan

Are these believers?
Do they do what Quran tells them

Are they going to be successful?
Here or Hereafter?
Do they not wish to become better persons?

You taught me always the obedience
Why is that man hurting his own friends?
Has that leader just proposed destruction?
Burning all the trees and bring the house of parliament down?

I sat in silence and just changed the channel
But she was determined to ask more questions

Who are those making speeches on the containers?
Are they suggesting to kill their brethren?
Have they not seen the children died in Gaza
Somebody hurt their mama and papa?


She looks afraid and her confusion grows
Keeps on asking more and more

It leaves me speechless and silent as a tomb
I have no answer why they throw these bombs
Her eyes bewildered, tiny hands clenched into fists
I am confused what to speak about this

Unable to console her and find the right words
I switched her attention to another mode

Why can’t I go and help those stuck in a flood?
Why are they at the mercy of their lesser gods?
Why are these mobs not moving along?
Why is there no food and no shelter for all?

You bought me pets to learn care and love
You said that hatred is solution of none
Why do they gather and curse everyone?
Why have they attacked the Television Station?
You taught me how to know the lie from the truth
You told me put the words of God in action

Who are they?
Why do their leaders just send them to attack
Do they just want them to ruin and clash
Did I just hear him say hit the police???
Oh! They claim to follow the religion of peace
Why is there no law against hurting with tongue?
Swearing gets nothing done

Why are they fond of power to rule?
Are they taught this at their schools?
Are we supposed to leave our True path?
Should we forget our glorious past?
Could these families not stay at home
And teach their children what’s right and wrong?
If not these men had followed the lust
They would have won our confidence and trust
The coward leaders using women & kids their shields
They are little more than ugly selfish beasts
Do they feel no shame at such defame
Are they not so powerful with big claims?
Where is the lesson of love and tolerance?
I am confused Baba! What got into them? (11)Baba! Why do they abuse and blame
Is there no end to their dirty game?
My teacher says forgive and do not avenge
That anger is the worst form of revenge
Misuse of power is not the way to democracy
What happened to our great Quaid’s legacy?
Then Why? Baba! Why?
I am so confused…

Did people choose to leave their homes?
The cruel sun melting down their bones
What has brought them to this end?
Why women brought with them their children

Why do they want chaos, Baba?
Why do they demand anarchy?
Do they have no faith in the Almighty?
How can they plan to corrupt our system
They dig graves, raise arms and weapons
Kill many people in the name of rebellion

Are they not fighting with their own countrymen?
A bunch of people trying to throw our government?
Baba! Are they suicidal, sick or insane?
I can’t see their blood go down the drain
God has the power to spare or take life
Why do they act like pagan gods with a choice?
I am so confused…

Why on tv channels,
Anchors, newsmen and great politicians
Guess and Judge on what they have no proof
They shout at each other to the roof
Why mislead others with their poor information?
Why they dishonor people based on the misconception?
I am so confused…

What is anarchy?
What is civil disobedience?
What is rigging?
Where is the change in our system?
Why do they want another Pakistan?
What is it that they want from this nation?
Why do they inspire their followers to kill
Why don’t they teach them to surrender to Allah’s Will?

The way these processions lead to transgression
Invoking others or they are provoking hell?
Ignoring the Prophet and Allah’s orders
Can they be victorious?

Baba! What do they think is a victory?
Kill Men and encourage the mutiny?
Hoard Power and spread Mistrust?
Bring Disgrace to the Nation at best?
Create unrest
And instigate Chaos?
If this is Victory, Baba! We are at loss

Baba! These people take pride in anarchy
Are they not scared of Allah Almighty?
I get so confused…

Are they Muslims?
They dance in the rain
Follow a cult and forget religion
Why are they using our Deen against us?
Make us believe killing is for the honor
While Blood is shed in Syria, Palestine and Iraq
When future darkens in bloody games and wars
What good it brings to gain power through strength
Does change matter when the hearts don’t bend
How can they reign without belief and faith
All these things make my mind so frail


Are we really following words of God?
Are we raising true followers of Islam?
Is this how we show respect for life?
Are we worshipping only the personalities?

Those men and women lying on the footpaths
Under the ruthless skies of Islamabad
Dancing and gossiping around bonfires
Is this the future of my generation?
Where is the honor of Muslimeen
I am confused…

I shift and fidget in my old wooden chair
Hold her frail body in my arms and stare
My eyes dart aimlessly on the wall
I want to help her and find rest for her soul
She whispers softly in my ears and say
It is all going to be okay, baba! Let us pray
With her head on my shoulders, she is crying
And I want to say please don’t stop trying

It leaves a big question mark on my face
I ask myself a whole series of questions
Are we Muslims?
Do we follow our Deen?
Have we not boxed our inner screams?
Is Holy Book not on the top shelf in our homes?
Are our hearts not torn with hateful thorns?
Are we not fighting in the name of sects
Have we not built us individual temples
Has it not corrupted our entire system?
We are invading like the cancerous cells
What do you expect O dear little one?
We won freedom but lost to the devil’s sons
We are empty corpses with no sense and soul
Fools ignore and wisdom is lost
Are we ready to pay this cost?

Our minds are struggling with this divide
Two versus thousands but Muslim on both sides
Who is on the Right Path and who is wrong?
Let us take guidance and let our minds explore

I wish to satisfy your baby mind
Find a solution to relieve your mind
I watch you grow right before my eyes
I see you struggle with years passing by
I let you choose your way to Truth
Let Truth bring you hope and tranquility
Put all your faith in Allah. Be strong!
Decide for yourself what is right and wrong
The only Way is to follow our Deen
Worship our Allah The Almighty!




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